Our members are students from a variety of years and majors. We represent a wide array of backgrounds and skills, working together to make SEED the best that it can be!

Project Directors

Caden Moses

Simon Thyssen

Tyler Kimble

Project Leaders

Antonio Machioni

Bailey Mohri

Ciara Moses

David Miron

Felipe Montini

Jack Malcolm

Jane Lyons

Madeleine McCollum

Patrick Duong

Project Members/Analysts

Addy Klinger

Akhil Maheepathi

Akilesh Ramakrishna

Alex Myers

Alex Yu

Alexander Mitchell

Anisha Hossain

Avery Oracheff

Azzaam Kapadia

Betty Chen

Catherine Irons

Charlotte Tsang

Christian Taylor

Courtney Schoeb

Cynthia Song

Davis Buckbee

Deirdre Powell

Elizabeth Berman

Elizabeth Fink

Harshavardhan Haribhaskar

Jake Hibarger

James Welch

Julia Strassburger

Kathryn Ellis

Lauren Larizza

Mabel Smith

Mahika Ghaisas

Nadav Cohen

Nathan Manthei

Peter Denious

Raghav Dalmia

Rishi Shah

Roshni Puli

Shashank Balaji

Siona Pathak

Teddy Donohue

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