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Our members are students from a variety of years and majors. We represent a wide array of backgrounds and skills, working together to make SEED the best that it can be.

Project Leaders

Alexander Viar, Andrew Jones, Anna Glasser, Cynthia Song, Kathryn Ellis, Marie Moemeka, Michael Kish, Nadav Cohen, JP Meyer, Saahas Gowda, Sara Quinlan, Vivaan Khandelwal

Project Members

Ainsley Childress, Avery Oracheff, Carly Appel, Caroline Schuh, Charlie Pace, Daniel Cudkowicz, Davis Buckbee, Dawson Chitwood, Diego Garcia-Moros, Elizabeth Cohen, Elizabeth Fink, Gillian Hedrick, Alexa Guerrera, Addy Klinger, Henry Brorsen, James Welch, JP Hoffman, Mahika Ghaisas, Marshall Wenger, Nathan Reed, Lucy Orr, Nicole Gresham, Sasha Pasmanik, Peter Denious, Rajan Chida, Sunny Singh, Stratton Orr, Srimaan Suribhotla, Teddy Donohue, Taylor Aukward, Vaibhav Choudhary, Julia Strassburger, William Hammer, Siyu Yao.

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